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What is the Difference Between Land Rover and Range Rover

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  • 26-09-2022
What is the Difference Between Land Rover and Range Rover

What is difference between Land Rover and Range Rover? This article looks at how Land Rover models compare to Range Rover models.  

The main distinction between Land Rover and Range Rover is that Range Rover is a model, whilst Land Rover is the make. As a result, while all Land Rovers are also Range Rovers, not all Range Rovers are Land Rovers. Range Rover is a sub-brand of Land Rover in addition to being a vehicle name. While the Land Rover portfolio is intended to be more adventurous, Range Rover models are intended to be more opulent. 

It might be challenging to discern the differences between the latest Land Rover and Range Rover models. Land Rover vehicles like the Defender and Discovery have improved and become more streamlined over time. The Series 1 Land Rover made its debut in 1948 as a no-nonsense, practical off-road vehicle with unmatched capabilities on tough terrain.

It evolved into the Land Rover Defender over time, but it retained its toughness. Following models, such as the Land Rover Discovery and Freelander, followed the same formula while adding a touch more opulence. The first Range Rover was introduced in 1970. It was intended to be a high-end prestige symbol for buyers, but it was also extremely capable off-road. 

Range Rover models are currently more plentiful than Land Rover models. Simply put, Land Rovers are designed to be more utilitarian off-roaders, whereas Range Rover models are designed to be more luxurious and comfortable. However, both brands' vehicles are excellent off-road, and Land Rover models are far more refined than they once were. 

While the Range Rover is still extremely capable off-road but feels more comfortable and opulent inside, Land Rover vehicles like the Defender and Discovery are meant to be more practical and rugged for tackling off-road courses.

Land Rover Models

Land Rover Defender

As an alternative to vehicles like the Mercedes G-Class and Jeep Wrangler, the Land Rover Defender is the range's most extreme off-roader. The most recent model has a tonne of equipment that the original Defender could only dream of, including air suspension and other driver-assistance features that make it quite comfortable both on and off the road. The Defender is made to look robust and contemporary thanks to its boxy shape, and its interior combines attractive and durable materials. There are many personalisation choices available as well to make it uniquely yours, but they are not free. Some high-end Range Rovers can cost as much as a top-spec Defender.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is a competitor to the Audi Q7 and BMW X5, as well as a more upscale version of the Defender. Even though the inside is more luxurious and comfy, it still has excellent off-road capabilities. Seven passengers may fit inside with plenty of room, and there is a large boot for their stuff. Although the off-centre number plate takes some getting used to, the Discovery's design won't be to everyone's taste. However, the interior looks and feels fantastic. You also receive a tonne of standard features, such as a sizable infotainment system and digital dials.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The least expensive vehicle in the Land Rover lineup is the Discovery Sport. Although not quite as good as the Defender, it is nevertheless excellent off-road, and its style is less contentious than the Discovery's. The family can fit comfortably inside, and it's a nice highway cruiser. The diesel engines are preferable because the gasoline ones can be extremely thirsty. Even though the infotainment system isn't the most user-friendly, the remainder of the interior is well-designed and feels well-made.

Range Rover Models

Range Rover

The Range Rover has long been the preferred vehicle of the wealthy and famous, and it has lately undergone updates to stay up with vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes GLS. The most recent car maintains the iconic boxy shape, albeit with minor adjustments to keep it looking new and contemporary. A minimalist design, tonnes of technology, and luxurious materials make the inside a comfortable place to sit. In addition to being extremely pleasant to ride in, it is also more than willing to get its tyres dirty. The Range Rover has always been attractive because it allows you to drive in luxury while on the green lanes.

Range Rover Sport

For those who desire a Range Rover but also want something with a more modern appearance, the Range Rover Sport is the perfect option. Although it is significantly smaller and less expensive than the Range Rover, it nonetheless has a luxurious appearance and comparable off-road capabilities. The automobile is incredibly cosy, and the interior is opulent and well-appointed. Alternatives like the BMW X5 will be more enjoyable to drive, and some petrol-engined vehicles cost a lot to maintain. However, given how roomy and attractive the Range Rover Sport is, you can overlook this.

Range Rover Velar

In addition to serving as a rival to the Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLE, the Range Rover Velar fills the space between the larger Range Rover Sport and the smaller Evoque. The swooping roofline and coupe-like shape make it one of Range Rover's best-looking vehicles. There is a tonne of cutting-edge driving technology as well as a number of practical amenities on board. The Velar costs a lot to buy and maintain, and rival vehicles might have a bigger back seat, but the interior more than makes up for these drawbacks because it's a comfortable place to sit.

Range Rover Evoque

Despite being the entry-level model in the brand's inventory, the Range Rover Evoque is nonetheless a handsome vehicle that distinguishes itself from rivals like the BMW X2 and Audi Q3. A modern design and high-quality materials make the inside a pleasant place to be as well. Given that it is not the most affordable small SUV on the market, the back seat space is limited when compared to vehicles like the Volvo XC40. Off-road is where it wrecks many little SUVs, as you might anticipate from a Range Rover.

The Range Rover Evoque exudes elegance with its flush door handles, unique angles, and soft contours. The row of LED headlights is uniformly thin and has a little downward slope, giving them a more aggressive aspect. The First Edition comes with 20-inch wheels with a five-spoke design and LED tread plates. It is also possible to upgrade to larger, more noticeable 21-inch wheels.

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