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The Land Rover 110

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  • 16-03-2022
The Land Rover 110

Find out more about the Land Rover 110 in this complete guide. Is the Land Rover 110  reliable? Should I buy a Land Rover 110? Find out here.

About The Land rover 110

The original Land Rover 110 is a widely loved style, first released in the U.K. in 1983. It later gained the familiar name of 'Defender' in 1990, thus becoming the 'Defender 110'. 

The revered vehicle remains popular amongst true adventures and rescue services, with the newly released model reminiscent of the classic feel of the 1983 Land Rover. Before the release of the classic Defender in 1990, Land Rover released the Series models I, II and III between 1948 and 1985. 

These vehicles, along with the Defender, were created based on the design of standard-issue military jeeps used by the U.K. during World War two, sporting durability and strength. 

The Defender 90, recognised for a smaller wheelbase and two-door variation, along with the Defender 110 with its family-friendly four-door design, were finally made available in the U.S. in 1993. Although, this was short-lived owed to a change in regulations forcing Land Rover to withdraw from the American market. 

This retraction had a limited effect on the company as the Defender models continued to thrive in other countries. In 2016, the classic Land Rover Defender was retired after being a market staple for more than 30 years. 

Although this only lasted a short four years, and in 2020, it was re-released as a newer model around the globe, much to the delight of the market. Additionally, a hard top commercial model was distributed for the utility consumer groups like Farmers.

Is Land Rover 110 A Good Car?

The newly released 2020 Defender 110 model reflects the much-adored specifications of the original 1983 Land Rover, with a modern revamp catering to the developments in technology over the last 40 years. 

When determining how 'good' a car is, there are many focus points; engine power, safety, speed, economics, technology, comfort and reliability, although these features often contradict themselves, making it near impossible for one vehicle to retain them all. 

The traditional 1983 Land Rover Defender 110 retains quite a several attractive qualities, namely its off-road ability and style, whilst the newer 2020 model was designed to be as durable on-road as it is off-road. 

Therefore catering to the mass-market and convenience that is expected today. Customer reviews reflect the positive impact these subtle changes had on the Land Rover Defender range. 


What's It Like Inside?

The Defender 110 is the longer of the two Land Rover Defender models; with a more lengthy wheelbase, it creates a spacious five-seater, with additional rear pews to create a seven-seater and even a fold-out seat in front of the centre console. 

These potential seating options make the Defender 110 one of the most adaptable SUV models on the market, competing with the Toyota Land Cruiser and Volkswagen Touareg. 

As Land Rover Defender customers are often the adventurous or active type, they require a good deal of space for equipment and other clutter. Expectantly the boot space offers up to 2,380 litres when in five or six-seater mode, with a slight decrease in size as more seating is added.

What's it like to drive?

Not only does the longer wheelbase of the Defender 110 allow for additional seating options, but it also ensures a smoother and more stable drive, even for the most treacherous off-road adventure. 

The Defender has five engine options: two diesels, two petrols and a plug-in hybrid giving plenty of choice to customers and their individual needs. The Defender 110 has astounding handling and steering for a car of its stature, with revised castor geometry, fresh spring and damper settings and re-valved power steering, allowing the driver to modify the suspension component to suit their driving capabilities. 

What off-road tech is there?

Land Rover is internationally recognised for its ability to navigate uncharted territories whilst modelling a slick and modern design. 

The Defender 110 possesses a 20mm higher ride than other Land Rover models, increasing its off-road agility and creating ease for sharper gradient transitions. 

The new model also sports air suspension as a standard, improving ground clearance and permitting a wading ability of 900mm, making off-road terrain feel more manageable.  


For exploring various terrains, Land Rover vehicles possess its unique 'Terrain Response System'. Recently updated to a 2nd edition, the system is pre-installed in the re-released 2020 Defender. This system automatically toggles the drive mode to improve more difficult terrain performance snow, sand, ice, gravel.

Available Models and Trims

The Land Rover Defender comes in two key models, the 90 and the 110, with the key differences being the wheelbase length. Additionally, in 2020 the hard-top model was released for the commercial market. The Defender 110 also comes with four additional optional bundles that group together specific features which work in harmony to cater for the differing types of customers and their requirements. 

These include Explorer Pack, Adventure Pack, Country Pack and Urban Pack. For instance, the Explorer pack offers a lightweight expedition roof rack, whilst the Country Pack offers a portable Rinse System. 

Apart from the Urban pack option, the Defender 110 comes with a standard of front and rear mud flaps. The range of trim levels, or 'trim packages' offer various configurations, with differing exteriors, interiors, technology and performance options, to match any customer desired specifications. 

Are 110s Expensive To Maintain?

Land Rover 110s are designed and built as sturdy off-roading vehicles, yet they can be expensive to run for various reasons. Most notably, the MPG is relatively low, with the 2.4 and 2.2-litre diesel engines only giving 25.5mpg, with the other trim packages having a marginally higher mpg. 

As a bulky vehicle, the Defender 110 produces high levels of pollution, releasing around 295g/km. High pollution release automatically increases Road Tax in all vehicles, even more so for those registered after the March 2006 increase. 

Land Rover Defender general maintenance is noticeably more expensive than other off-road vehicles; however, with cheaper insurance, this can be reduced to challenge competing off-roader's maintenance fees. Some experts predict an annual cost of £891.52. Additionally,

 Land Rover has various Service plans for new and approved used vehicles to make general maintenance of a Land Rover more economical. These plans are available in up-front, fixed, and one-off payments; moreover, they can be transferred between owners with the approval of a Land Rover dealership.

Do Older 110 Models Hold Their Value Still?

The classic 1983 Land Rover is well-recognised and admired by various enthusiasts, from car lovers to outdoor adventurers; this model will remain in people's hearts for the foreseeable future. 

The prominent boxy shape Defender is a 'cult classic' with car enthusiasts ensuring it maintains value throughout the years. Studies highlight the Defender 110's 43% value increase between 2012-2017, with the Defender 90 seeing a 31% increase in value during the same period. 

Yet, be aware that these values don't factor in depreciation, which for Land Rovers is incredibly high and should be researched thoroughly before purchase and sale of the luxury SUV. 

Although the re-released 2020 model is available for a new purchase, the classic Defender 110 remains a popular choice amongst second-hand buyers, with more and more people wanting to own a piece of history. 


The latest deals on a pre-owned original Defender 110 show prices ranging from £45,000- £120,000, while the re-released version fetches a similar range. Interestingly, the older models have the potential for a higher resale price than the 2020 version, owing to its historical admiration. 

Do you own a Land Rover 110? Are you considering a Land Rover 110 restoration? Our Land Rover restoration experts can help you restore your classic Land Rover 110.