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Land Rover Series

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Land Rover Series

Land Rover Series

Land Rover Series is the common name given to the Series I, II and III to distinguish them from the later models of Land Rover.

Each of the series were 4 wheel drive and much cemented this tradition. Each of the models above were inspired by the Willys Jeep, a US built vehicle.

In 1992, Land Rover made the bold and exciting claim that 70% of the vehicles they have ever built were still in use to this day. This was a show of their trust in their engineering and their design.

Series models featured leaf-sprung suspension and selectable two-four wheel drive. This is of course apart from the Stage 1 V8 version of the Series III, that featured permanent 4WD.

All of the three models could be started with a front hand crank when needed and had the option of a rear power takeoff for accessories.

Land Rover was formed by the Rover Company in 1947 during the aftermath of WWII. Before the war, Rover were producing luxury cars that were not in such high demand after the war.

The materials that they needed to create and build these cars was also very hard to get hold of at the time. These raw materials were rationed to companies building construction or industrial equipment so a plan had to be drawn up.

Land Rover then made a move to Solihull, a move necessary due to the old factory being bombed during the war. A plan to make a small car called the M type was thought up and also prototyped but the cost would be far to great.

Maurice Wilks, the chief designer at the time, came up with a design for a light agricultural and utility vehicle. This was a similar concept to the Willys Jeep and he actually used a surplus army Jeep on his farm.

This design became the Land Rover that we know and love today. Land Rover was born and the design continues to evolve and grow today.

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