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Are you looking for Land Rover restorations in Worcestershire? Here at Churchill Land Rover, we specialise in Land Rover classic restoration, Land Rover refurbishment and Land Rover renovation and of classic Land Rover Series 1, Series 2 and 2a and Series 3 Land Rovers, Land Rover Defender and Range Rover classic models.  

Land Rover Refurbishment Specialists

Are you looking for Land Rover restorations near you?

We are Land Rover specialists, we have years of experience in the industry, and we can deal with your Land Rover problems . 

If your Land Rover is in need of a makeover, then we can help. We can make your Land Rover look as good as new with our refurbishment services. 

Here are a few of the models we can refurbish:


Land Rover Series 1 vehicles date back to the end of the war when farmers needed a vehicle that could do all the necessary agricultural jobs such as taking some animals to the market and ploughing the fields.    Land Rover Series 1 vehicles are smooth to drive and great for so many different purposes. If your Land Rover Series 1 is looking old and worn out, then come to Churchill Land Rover today!


There were 4 models developed in the Land Rover Series 2 range, which were:   Series II 88-inch UtilitiesSeries II 88-inch Station Wagon Series II 109-inch Utilities Series II 109-inch Station Wagon    The Land Rover Series 2 were made to have a more powerful engine than the Land Rover Series 1, and the cars were made available in a wider variety of colours. 


The Land Rover Series 2A were considered the best of the models by most historians. This series was used as “the transition” between Series 2 and Series 3 of the Land Rover.    If you're looking for professional and expert refurbishment services for your Land Rover Series 2A, then we can help, so please get in touch with us today. 

Land Rover SERIES 3

The engine for the Land Rover Series 3 was 91BHP, and the car itself had a new interior. The new interior included an improved dashboard and an optional fresh-air heater.    The Series 3 range also introduced the Series III Stage I V8, which had a 3.5-litre engine and a longer bonnet. 


The Land Rover Lightweight was produced because the Royal Marines and the British Army needed a car that was light enough to be lifted by air.    Do you have a Land Rover Lightweight that needs refurbishing? Then you've come to the right place. With years of experience and high-quality services, we can restore your beloved Land Rover!   


The Defender 90 is the fastest Land Rover on the roads and has a 3.0-litre engine. It has a top speed of between 110mph and 120mph, depending on which model you have.   It is also a brilliant family car to have and has been improving for over 70 years of other Land Rover series. 


The four-door Land Rover 110 has loads of cabin space, and extra seating, compared to the Defender 90. With a modern interior and new and improved features! 

For more information regarding our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01527 821 440. We are always happy to help and answer your questions and queries. 

Our Restorations

Our Restorations We can carry out restorations small and large including:


New galvanised chassis

Reconditioned engine with unleaded conversion 

New wiring loom

All other mechanical components new or reconditioned

Bodycapping and windscreen frames can also be freshly galvanised

(1975 Land Rover Series 3 Restoration - Before)

New or refurbished galvanised bulkhead

New suspension with upgrades to parabolic springs with gas shock absorbers if required

Bodywork refurbished and re-sprayed 

Items such as axle casings shot blasted and powder coated for a perfect finish

Extras such as high ratio transfer gears, over-drive, heated windscreens, de-luxe seating in leather, soundproofing, roof linings and more

(1975 Land Rover Series 3 Restoration - After)


Examples of Restoration Work

Below are links to a few of the dozens of restorations we have completed.

Almost anything is possible please ask!

We can either restore or refurbish your current Land Rover, or we can supply one from our stock of donor vehicles. We can also source a suitable vehicle if we don't have one in stock that matches your requirements; for instance, if you were born in 1965, you might like a 1965 vehicle restored. Fully restored vehicles come with warranty and 12 months MOT.

If you are looking for Land Rover restorations in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas contact us today on 01527 821 440.